Transforming facilities management with IoT and cloud technology

At ESPL, we bring change. From reactive decision-making, to real-time, predictive insights on
building operations.

From traditional, tactical facilities management, to transparent, tech-driven efficiencies. From manual logsheets and spreadsheets to automated cost control, compliance, and sustainability. At the end, we’re committed to transforming end-to-end facility management with technology.

Our Technology Stack


With eTicket (Embassy 360), the digital helpdesk for all our services, raising tickets and seeking resolution is easy. Using the eTicket app or website, clients can directly alert the ground team about specific concerns and stay updated on the go. Our personnel will then take action and resolve the issues, within a stipulated timeline. This real-time platform provides pre-formatted tables, graphs and charts, to simplify the IFM service review process.

  • Setting higher benchmarks
    Feedback system to monitor and improve the quality of service
  • Ensuring timely completion
    Pre-configured service level agreements (SLAs)to define the deadline for task completion
  • Facilitating superior service
    Built-in escalation matrix to client service managers for every resolution


Paving the way for paperless facilities management, Embassy eLog is the simplest way to capture, analyse and share technical data. Putting technology to use, this NFC-enabled system facilitates quick, error-free collation of equipment readings. The intelligent cloud-powered platform is used by our technicians to monitor assets at regular intervals. When an equipment reading exceeds the threshold value, the app directly alerts the block engineer and building manager, for quick action.

  • Simplifying data collection
    Accurate data capture and visual evidence recording  
  • Enabling quick report generation
    Ready availability of real-time data to analyse, report and forecast  
  • Digitising diagnostics
    Parameter comparison feature to compare the performance of similar assets 

eTrack – Workforce management system

A smart way to monitor crew and dynamically assign staff based on real-time requirements, eTrack is a game-changing technological tool in integrated facilities management. Equipped with location information, IoT-enabled sensors and integration platforms, the system’s intelligent algorithms provide actionable analytics. Using low-energy Bluetooth devices, eTrack enables continuous online facility monitoring. The device can be used to click pictures of the area after completion of work, to provide ratings and maintain a record of the initiated action.

  • Tracking the crew in real time
    Simplified location tracking of personnel across vast campuses
  • Scheduling staff at points of need
    Dynamic resource allocation based on escalations and prioritised action points
  • Collating critical data
    Work schedule data collection based on time spent, density of employees, usage patterns, etc.


Crafted to suit varied requirements of clients, the Embassy eWelcome offers a seamless end-to-end visitor experience. Accessible via website and a smartphone app, this highly customisable platform is a dependable partner for smart and secure visitor management. A reliable software trusted by established corporations and multi-tenant apartments alike, the system uses a simple pre-registration and approval process, to ensure a smooth check-in and check-out process.

  • Boosting security
    Simplified tracking of contact details with photographs and approvals from employees or residents 
  • Enhancing efficiency
    Seamless entry procedures to save time and effort 
  • Minimising paperwork
    Unlocking the power of cloud, for a synchronised digital visitor log in PCs, tablets and smartphones 


A one-stop platform for all Embassy Office Park users, EmbassyPlus helps avail amenities and facilities using an interactive map. The smartphone app shares information about the activities and fun events on the park, along with their registration links and contact details. Company-wise portals provide information regarding each company on the campus. 

  • Promoting employee engagement
    Social events like blogging, competitions, cultural events and photography contests
  • Facilitating transport of employees
    Easy registration, seamless interaction with the transport department
  • Boosting health and wellbeing
    Well-equipped sports facilities and related activities


A smartphone app that simplifies networking and communication in our properties, eConnect helps managing committee members and facilities crew to better manage operations. The app facilitates conscientious decision-making through discussions with neighbours. The platform also showcases the announcements on the notice board, property documents, upcoming events on the premises and society rules. With information of personnel, including maintenance staff, building manager and managing committee members, contact details of key individuals are just a click away.

  • Streamlining amenity bookings
    Real-time information regarding the availability of venues and approval status 
  • Simplifying photo sharing
    Special albums to view pictures of celebrations on the premises  
  • Notifying emergency contacts
    Panic button to reach out to emergency contacts  

Fuel Management System

A smarter way to measure and manage fuel, our tech-powered fuel management system utilises sensors to monitor and track fuel inventory, purchase and usage. The reports generated on our platform can be stored and shared online and used for informed decision- making. Across diverse industries and enterprises, our trusted fuel management portal enables effective consumption control, data-backed cost analysis and simplified tax accounting. 

  • Digitised tracking
    Fuel stock and movement are recorded digitally, from receipt stage to consumption stage
  • Reporting deviations
    Information on unusual spikes in consumption, for corrective action
  • Improving internal performance
    Real-time notification about leakages and failures, for continuous improvement of the distribution system

Energy Management Platform

At ESPL, we are committed to manage and conserve energy for sustainability. Our comprehensive energy management system 
leverages computer-aided technologies and smart metering system,
in an effort to monitor, control and optimise the performance of 
utility grids and microgrids. Designed to achieve maximum
energy efficiency by optimising and reporting granular energy usage of every equipment, the cloud-based portal assists with real-time
information on HVAC and other equipment.

  • Simplified control and management
    Backed by the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data predictive analytics for annual consumption forecasts and trend analysis 
  • Monitoring made easy
    Accurate data captured from metering, submetering and monitoring functions, for data-driven decision-making by facility and building managers  
  • Empowering proactive measures
    Intelligent, real-time guidance on exploring cost-saving opportunities, in addition to self-diagnostics and optimisation routines 


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