Technical Services

Reimagining engineering and maintenance with technology

At ESPL, we manage the engineering operations of tech parks spanning an overall portfolio of 145 million sq. ft landscape area. Presently, we operate 230 generators that produce 2,87,277 KVA of power every hour and 173 transformers that deliver 2,27,595 KVA of power, to our pan-India clients

At ESPL, we follow all statutory and compliance obligations necessary to run business parks by deploying a technical workforce of 1,200 personnel with specialised skill sets. We leverage customised technologies, like digitised logbooks and MIS online reporting tools that access real-time data to track equipment performance metrics, such as diesel efficiency, IKW, maintenance schedules, etc. This helps us to manage our broad portfolio of properties efficiently and effectively, in terms of customer satisfaction and reduction of operational costs.

Our technical services cover a wide range of equipment:

Electrical systems

Diesel generators

HVAC systems

Plumbing and sanitation

Common area vertical transport systems (Lifts)

Sewage treatment plants

Water treatment plants


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