Landscaping & Horticulture

Eco-friendly landscaping and horticulture for a green environment

All our business parks have well-maintained infrastructure, with landscaped areas around buildings and open spaces. Some of our tech parks, like Embassy Manyata Business Park, have even met the requirements of IGBC- and LEED-certified building standards.

To keep the business park users involved in our initiative to create greener surroundings, we provide adequate guidance on sowing, watering and nurturing plants. We also have a large number of potted plants and green walls. With our Urban Green initiative, business park users can grow their own vegetables and take the produce home. Currently, we have 350 plots with 3,000+ users, the yields of which amount to approximately 6,000 kg of organic vegetables annually.

Best Ornamental Garden and Best Private Landscape Award from Mysore Horticulture Society for 5 years
(Embassy Manyata Business Park and Embassy Tech Village)


years experience


million sq. ft.





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