Message from the MD

We’re passionate about delivering end-to-end Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) through technology, transparency and trust.

“Empowering customers to run faster and better while increasing the value and performance of real estate is our key goal.”

At ESPL, we’re passionate about delivering end-to-end integrated facilities management (IFM) the way it has never been done before. We believe that better, greener, and smarter facilities management is the change that the USD 100 billion facilities management opportunity is seeking. And, this is the transformation we’re enabling with technology, transparency and trust.

The IFM industry in India is witnessing buoyant growth with an expected CAGR of 18% by 2022. This presents a huge opportunity especially in a predominantly unorganised, fragmented and dispersed market. With increasing acceptance of outsourcing non-core activities, burgeoning demand from commercial and industrial customers to deliver superior lifestyle experiences to end-users, and the government’s push for smart cities, the professional, organised sector is set to flourish.

ESPL is well-positioned to capitalise on this opportunity and this is why we’re consciously driving our business in a new direction. Our aim is to centralise facilities management on a single digital platform to track everything, connect everyone, and measure results. Our endeavour is to empower occupiers to deliver great experiences. Our goal is to reimagine smart, connected workplaces. Our objective is to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Our ambition is to automate sustainable systems. Essentially, our aspiration is to empower customers with business intelligence to address tomorrow’s challenges.

What we manage requires specialised and deep-tech expertise. It also requires deriving actionable insights through new-age technology interventions like AI, big data and IoT. Our recent foray into manpower training demonstrates our ability to leverage relationships to offer value-added services to customers. Today, with a mix of a young and experienced leadership team, we aim to leverage talent, technology and speed of responsiveness to realise our global aspirations.

This underpins our imperative of technology and transparency-driven growth. We believe transparency in pricing and conduct is not a risk but a differentiator. We believe experience and engagement are not advantages but essentials. This is the change facilities management needs. This is the change we’re enabling.

Pradeep Lala

Managing Director & CEO


years experience


million sq. ft.